Protocal Features

Best Features

Overview of the key features and fundamentals of Oxy Finance

Node Protocol

A Node ecosystem where you can create your own “Oxy Nodes”

This protocol provides you with a Node ecosystem where you can create your own “Oxy Nodes” to generate a lifetime passive income. Node Holders will get their rewards in our native token, the $OXY.



We will become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO)

For the Node & NFT Holders, it is a way to directly influence the direction of the protocol, which could include voting on community proposals, exclusive holder benefits, and influence over the treasury.


Our goal is to make the first biggest Launchpad in the Defi space

A launchpad where upcoming protocols can request funding and tech help. The community will vote on which vested protocols we will VC into.

NFT holders will receive benefits like Airdrops or Whitelist spots for the protocols. Investments will be made from the treasury, while the profits will be returned to the community (through buybacks/investments)

NFT Marketplace

An Oxy-Fi-owned NFT marketplace to allow fair and open trading of diff. NFTs

The trading fees earned from the NFT Marketplace will be used in:

• Airdrops
• Buyback
• Feeding Treasury
• Funding Launchpad

NFT Collection

An exclusive NFT Collection on 3 blockchains that will benefit its holders

NFT holders will be able to benefit from:

• Increased Node APR
• Whitelist Spots in the protocols we will feature on our Launchpad
• Airdrops from Oxy-Fi and other protocols featured on our Launchpad
• Reduce Claim Tax

Rewards Boost

Bringing first-ever highly sustainable rewards mechanism yet with high yields

• Increase APR yields massively up to an additional 90% by bonding your nodes with up to 3 NFTs each.
• Up to 100% increase in APR for diamond hands.
• Easily compound lesser tier nodes into larger nodes with NO extra fees.
• Claim tax will be dropped to 0% if rewards are held OR with NFT association.


Road Map

Further roadmap items will be unveiled after certain Protocol Milestones have been reached