Multiple Chains

Oxy-Fi aims to be the first-ever Defi protocol to launch on THREE separate chains simultaneously

We will launch on the three most high-performance blockchains, AVAX, ETH, and FTM. Multi-chain will bring more exposure and investors to the protocol. A single treasury will be formed, which will be reserved for the development of the Oxy-Fi protocol.


Bridging will be incorporated to keep token prices the same across all chains, FTM,ETH, and AVAX

Bridges to allow for 1:1 value will keep token prices the same across each chain.

A total supply of 200k $OXY will be reserved to make bridging possible.

One Dapp

One singular DAPP to access all your nodes on all of our supported blockchains at once

The blockchains Avalanche, Ethereum, and Fantom, will be supported by a singular DAPP for your ease. The information you will see on the Dapp will be based on which chain you are connected with your Metamask.



Let's take a look at our model

Tokenomics Chart

Distribution of 100k $OXY supply on each chain

  • Pre Sale
  • Liquidity Pool
  • Reward Pool

"The team is not allocated any tokens or supply at launch"

Presale Starts In

  • 00


  • :
  • 00


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  • 00


  • :
  • 00


• Max supply: 100k $OXY
• Bridging supply (reserved): 200k $OXY
• Launch price: $1
• Whitelists on each chain: 25 spots
• Maximum presale allocation/address: 200 $OXY (Vested)
• Presale price: $5
• Initial Liquidity: $75k (50% $OXY and $AVAX / $ETH / $FTM each)

"More details on protocol sustainability and revenue generation will be revealed in a few hours"

Why Choose oxy-fi ?

Why Choose Us?

We do not have an inflationary model anymore, we will now have a MAXIMUM SUPPLY of 100k, which means there will be no minting of new coins, and the supply will never increase in the future. (In MAX SUPPLY, no new coins are mintable to increase supply in the future, compared to the TOTAL SUPPLY, where there are no limitations to the minting of new coins)

  • Then how will we be able to give Rewards? How will we generate REVENUES? WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS?

    -57.5% of our MAX SUPPLY will be into the reward pool on launch.
    -70% of the tokens used to create a node will go back into the reward pool (For instance, if the cost of a node is 100 $OXY, then 70 $OXY coins will end up in the reward pool to be rewarded again.)
    -Revenue Generated by NFT Minting on MULTI-CHAINS (ETH, AVAX, FTM)
    -Royalty fee generated by exchanging hands of the NFTs (Trading of our NFTs)
    -Revenues from the Multi-Chain NFT marketplace (i.e., PLATFORM fees)
    -Claim Tax
    -Paper-hand Tax (We will be the first ones to implement this, it will discourage paper-hands)
    -Investments from the TREASURY
    -Revenues from the Marketing
    -Staking of $OXY
    -BUYING BACK $OXY from the Market and putting them in the Rewards Pool.
    -Team is not allocated any tokens or supply at launch to maintain the longevity of the protocol and will buy themselves on launch.
    -Revenues generated from Launchpad, where upcoming protocols can request funding and tech help, will also go into the treasury.
    -Node upgrading will be without any additional fees, and you will only need to pay the difference between the two tiers. It will encourage UPGRADING and will result in more HOLDING.
    -$OXY used to UPGRADE NFTs will go into the reward pool (For more details on upgrading NFTs, see the NFTs Incentives section in the Whitepaper.)
    -RPC Endpoints / Validators (will be added in the future)


    We have implemented a unique reward mechanism that will provide our investors with one of the highest rewards yet high sustainability.

    -ROI can be reduced by many times in various ways mentioned in the Whitepaper, with HOLDING being one of the easiest methods. You can also REDUCE ROI and BOOST REWARDS by many times by associating your NFTs.
    -It will ensure the highest rewards only to the keen supporters of our protocol, creating one of the most sustainable models in Defi.
    -To clear it up, for say, you have an Oxygen Node with 240% APR, and you hold it for 10 weeks, now your APR will be [240+6% = 254.4%] and ROI decreased as well. APR will not be added but multiplied, i.e., it would not be 242 in the above case scenario, but 254.4%, adding one of the best dynamics in our rewards mechanism.
    ~This will ensure high rewards and less ROI only to the diamond hands and will discourage paper hands, ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the protocol.
    ~APR will reset to the base once you claim your rewards or upgrade your nodes to discourage paper hands.

  • Comparing other protocol's rewards mechanism with ours

    Holding rewards will increase your APR exponentially. Explanation:

    For say, a coin by the name X promises an ROI of 100 days, so it means you will get 10% ROI in 10 days and 50% ROI in 50 days, but with us, you will be getting 5% ROI in 10 days and 14% in 20 days and will only get a 100% ROI on the 100th day. This way, the holders will even get many times decreased ROI and boosted rewards compared to the base ROI of 150 days.

  • distribute


    -Should we claim now or after a month? / Should we wait to claim or not?
    -RESULT: Some lose in waiting while some get the benefit, but it’s always a stressful situation for an investor.


    -We have an absolute answer to that. It’s simple; you will get a BASE ROI of 150 days (Oxygen Node) by any means on any day you claim.
    -But if you are a holder, worried about if you should wait or not in fear of price dropping?
    -The simple answer to that is: With the holding time, your APR will be increased, i.e., reduced ROI.
    -SO THAT MEANS, even if the coin price drops, you will still be at BENEFIT with the same amount as you could have if you wanted to claim earlier.
    ~Still, everyone will get 150 ROI with Oxygen Node even if they claim on day 1, but with HOLDING OR NFT ASSOCIATION, this ROI can be reduced by many times, encouraging investors to hold their rewards maintaining the sustainability of the protocol.